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Mannok Aircrete Thermal Blocks
Mannok Aircrete Thermal Blocks

High Performance Aircrete Thermal Blocks

Aircrete blocks are high performance thermal blocks which are precision manufactured using autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) by advanced technical processes, which can also be referred to as AAC blocks.

For thermal performance, strength and durability, Mannok aircrete blocks are the best performing thermal blocks in Ireland and with our expert Technical by Mannok team, we can help you achieve the most cost effective and efficient design for your project.

Insulates 10x better

than dense concrete blocks

Mannok Aircrete High Ten

Mannok’s Aircrete High Ten thermal blocks have been specifically designed for applications where loading conditions require higher strength, such as high rise and commercial buildings.

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10.4 N/mm2 (Category 2)

Compressive Strength

0.19 W/mK

Thermal Conductivity

Mannok Aircrete Seven

Mannok’s Aircrete Seven block combines a very high strength to weight ratio with an excellent thermal performance making them ideally suited to multi-storey domestic and commercial buildings.

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7.5 N/mm2

Compressive Strength

0.19 W/mK

Thermal Conductivity

Mannok Aircrete Standard

Mannok Aircrete Standard block combines optimum levels of thermal performance, strength and density to make it suitable for almost all on site applications, including party wall construction.

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5.2 N/mm2

Compressive Strength

0.17 W/mK

Thermal Conductivity

Mannok Aircrete Super

Mannok Aircrete Super block is the most thermally efficient block in the range and is used when a superior thermal performance is required for external walls.

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2.9 N/mm2

Compressive Strength

0.12 W/mK

Thermal Conductivity

Mannok Aircrete Coursing Units

Mannok Aircrete Coursing Units are ideal for use as a space filler, around doors and windows, for closing cavities and for making up between joists.

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Mannok Aircrete Thin-Joint

The full range of Mannok’s aircrete blocks are suitable for use as rising foundation walls below damp proof course in ground conditions up to and including MX3.2, high degree of saturation with freezing.

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Benefits of Mannok’s aircrete thermal blocks

175% more thermally efficient

than any other thermal block manufactured in Ireland

Super Insulated Masonry Solution

Cost Effective, rapid build solution for the Irish construction industry

SIMS by Mannok is a modern method of masonry construction which combines the benefits of Mannok’s aircrete blocks with a certified external insulation system. It’s a very straightforward construction method which utilises the simplicity of solid wall construction whilst enhancing the thermal performance and weather tightness of the building.

Combating Thermal Bridging with our Accredited Construction Details

Reduce heat loss through thermal bridging by up to 80% with aircrete thermal blocks from Mannok

Thermal bridges occur at all junctions in the building fabric where the insulation envelope is broken by a non-insulating material. When ignored, thermal bridges can account for up to 40% of the total heat loss from a building. Mannok have developed a bespoke set of junction details, each with its own unique thermal bridging value, calculated by an NSAI-accredited Thermal Modeller. By using these details correctly heat loss through thermal bridging can be reduced to below 10% of the total heat loss.


Mannok Aircrete Thermal Blocks are the only thermal blocks in Ireland certified for use below DPC! The only block tested for freeze/thaw resistance to prove suitability for use below DPC and it is appropriate for use in severe exposure conditions, including high saturation with freezing, in accordance with EN 1996 Part 2.

Mannok Aircrete Thermal Blocks Do Not Require 13 N/mm2 Compressive Strength for Durability

There is currently some confusion in the Irish market about the requirement for 13N thermal blocks for durability purposes. In response to an industry issue relating to the durability and compliance of concrete blocks, the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) released an Advice Note to Structural Engineers with their recommendations.

Need technical support?

For help and advice on any of our products and how they might fit your needs please contact our Technical by Mannok team.

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