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Quinn Lite Thin-Joint System

Aircrete and Thin-Joint System

Building Mannok aircrete blocks using thin-joint mortar is a modern, innovative construction method which brings numerous benefits to the construction industry.

Airtightness of the building is also significantly improved with the use of aircrete blocks and thin-joint mortar.

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Its high bond strength and the use of proprietary wall ties allows the inner leaf of blockwork to be built first, taking the outer leaf off the critical path of the building programme. Internal work can continue whilst the outer leaf is being constructed.

For the system to work efficiently, the blocks need to be manufactured to very high dimensional accuracy which reduces on-site wastage and forms an excellent substrate on which to apply finishes.

The reduction in mortar joints from 10mm to 2-3mm significantly reduces cold bridging through the mortar, significantly improving the thermal performance of the wall and creating a greater energy efficient building.

Air tightness of the building is also significantly improved with the use of Lite Thin-Joint mortar

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