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EPS Insulation

Expanded polystyrene boards for use in the insulation of floors, roofs and walls.

  • - Lightweight
  • - Versatile - cut and formed to any size or shape
  • - Cost-effective alternative to PIR insulation

High quality EPS insulation for cost effective insulation solutions

Mannok has an extensive range of of expanded polystyrene products for use in the insulation of floors, roofs and walls as well as a wider range of applications such as lightweight fill for roads and packaging.

The versatility of Mannok's EPS insulation means it can be cut and formed to any size or shape to meet the design and constriction requirements.

Mannok EPS insulation is a very cost effective alternative to PIR floor insulation. Where there is scope to increase the depth of insulation used, the same U-values can be achieved using our EPS insulation, which can reduce the cost of construction.

Mannok EPS boards are rot-proof, dimensionally stable and when installed with the overlays specified in BAA Certificate 05/4278, will remain effective for the life of the building.

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