Insulation Boards

Insulation boards are the ideal way to ensure buildings are well insulated using high performance products, such as PIR insulation or EPS insulation, which offer the required flexibility without compromising on standards.

Insulation applications and installation guidance

  • Floor Insulation
  • Pitched Roof Insulation
  • Flat Roof Insulation
  • Wall Insulation

PIR Insulation Boards

PIR insulation boards, like the Mannok PIR range, are among the most widely used and thermally efficient insulation products available. PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation boards are rigid foam insulation boards available in a range of thicknesses with a variety of facings to suit different applications and are one of the most efficient insulation products used in construction.

EPS Insulation Boards

EPS insulation boards, like the Mannok EPS range, are lightweight, rigid insulation boards manufactured from expanded polystyrene, which are available in a range of thicknesses. EPS insulation can be a cost-effective alternative to PIR insulation in certain applications, particularly floor insulation, where increased thickness of EPS can be used to achieve the same desired U-value.

Insulation Boards Benefits

Excellent thermal performance

High performance insulation boards, such as the Mannok insulation range, can achieve excellent U-values thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity of the boards of as low as 0.022W/mK, improving the overall energy performance of the building.

These insulation products can help specifiers to combat thermal bridging issues and achieve passive house and nZEB standards, particularly when used in conjunction with Mannok’s aircrete blocks.

combatting thermal bridging

Flexible application

Mannok offer a full range of insulation boards to cater for wall insulation, floor insulation and roof insulation applications. The insulation boards are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications as well as new build and retrofit projects and are designed to be compatible with other essential products within a build.

Lightweight and practical

Despite the strength and durability of insulation boards, they are very light in weight, making them easy to transport and handle. These boards are also easy to work with, cut and fit, making them a very practical insulation solution.

For Mannok, the lightweight nature of our insulation boards make them a key part of our mixed loads delivery solutions, where lorries that are unable to carry full loads of heavy materials due to weight restrictions, are filled out with our insulation products to ensure we are dispatching full loads of product. This unique solution reduces the environmental impact of our deliveries and offers greater flexibility to our customers.

Our mixed loads delivery solutions

Strong and durable

It is essential to ensure your insulation is suitable for the application in terms of strength and durability. Mannok’s PIR and EPS insulation products are designed to perform for the service life of the building. Mannok’s PIR boards have compressive strength of over 150kPa and Mannok’s EPS boards have compressive strengths ranging from 70-200kPa.


The environmental impact of construction products is an increasingly important consideration as we aim to build more sustainable and efficient buildings. Contractors and specifiers are more than ever choosing to work with insulation boards which achieve and exceed industry requirements that are manufactured in the most sustainable way.

Mannok’s PIR insulation has an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero. It has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and is certified to ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems.

Mannok also operates an extensive People, Planet, Partners Programme, which ensures every area of the business is focused on producing and supplying quality goods in a way that has minimum impact on the world we live in, whilst making a positive contribution to the local areas we operate in and the people we work with.

Fire performance

Mannok’s PIR insulation products have been tested to BS EN 13501-1 to achieve Euro class rating. Mannok’s PIR rigid boards also have a Class 1 rating when tested to BS 476-7.

Mannok’s EPS insulation boards contain a flame-retardant additive (FRA) which makes them more difficult to ignite. EPS 70 is class F which is suitable for most applications. This is also available in class E along with other Mannok EPS insulation products.

Need technical support?

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