Local Students to Embrace “Real Life Learning” with Mannok Summer Work Placements

9th June 2021

Mannok and St. Michael’s College, Enniskillen have launched their 2021 Student Placement Programme for a number of the College’s students to avail of paid placements over the summer and enjoy real life learning to complement their studies.

With placements available in both Mannok’s Finance and Engineering departments, there are a range of roles entailing tasks and training designed to give students a strong understanding of the workplace environment and a good insight into the various career paths on offer at Mannok.

They will spend up to 6 weeks in the various departments working alongside experienced professionals, using state-of-the-art technology and gaining an insight into the role and duties performed day to day.

The Work Placement Programme is an important part of Mannok’s award winning educational partnership with St. Michael’s, which aims to give students a blend of industry experience with mentoring alongside their classroom-based learning.

The company’s HR Manager, Caroline McCaffrey, explained why Mannok have committed to the Programme, saying,

“We’re delighted to launch our Summer Placement Programme for 2021 and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming new placement students from St. Michael’s this summer and working with them to help them gain real life workplace experience. One of our key goals with our educational partnership is giving young people an insight into the wide range of roles and career opportunities we have here at Mannok with a view to helping retain talent locally to help build a sustainable, skilled workforce in this region. Initiatives such as these placements play an important role in achieving this and we’ve had very positive feedback about the Programme, both from the students involved, and from those individuals here in Mannok who have worked so closely with the boys through their placement.”

Now in its 6th year, the Programme has been very beneficial to those students who have completed placements to date, as St. Michael’s Industry Links Coordinator, Sean Carlin, explained,

“This is a great opportunity for students to gain valuable insight into the reality of their chosen career paths and develop an understanding of the very high calibre roles available to them locally with a company like Mannok. We’ve found that students who have completed the summer placements in previous years have not only really enjoyed their time at Mannok, but have learnt a great deal about the workplace environment which you just can’t deliver in a classroom setting, and it’s been very beneficial in guiding their choices for further education.

We’re very pleased to have such opportunities available to our students, and to have the valuable expertise and mentorship from the individuals at Mannok who are highly skilled and experienced in their chosen field. The time spent with these mentors can have a very positive influence on our young people and we’re very grateful for the commitment from those individuals and everyone involved in Mannok.”