Mannok Invests over €700k in New Thermal Laminate Plasterboard Manufacturing Technology: Increasing Productivity and Improving Product Quality While Reducing Environmental Impact

7th November 2023

Mannok, a leading building products manufacturer, has invested over seven hundred thousand euros in cutting-edge technology for its PIR Insulation facility in Ireland. The new technology, which has increased production capacity and significantly improved energy efficiency, has major environmental benefits due to the superior board assembly process.

The new manufacturing technology produces a robust thermal laminate composite board, for roofing or dry-lining applications, using 50% less glue per unit. The thermal laminate board market is an increasing market segment for Mannok PIR Insulation, both in Ireland and the United Kingdom, resulting from higher activity in the retrofit construction market.

This advancement not only provides Mannok customers with an increased level and range of higher quality laminate composite products, but it also facilitates an improved working environment during manufacture as well as reduced long-term environmental impact and emissions.

This new energy efficient technology uses single part adhesive, resulting in stronger boards with a tensile strength exceeding 70 Mpa. It also ensures a more even distribution of glue on each board and emits no harmful emissions. It takes advantage of improved manufacturing-control capability which allows less employee intervention, increases productivity, and reduces downtime.

Commenting on the company’s investment in the new technology, Mannok’s PIR Insulation Operations Manager, Paul Burns, said,

“This investment aligns closely with the Mannok 2030 Sustainability Vision and underscores the company’s commitment to its people, the planet, and its partners. This technology benefits our people by providing a better working environment for employees, and it is beneficial to the planet as it uses less resources and has zero chemical emissions. It also represents a strong commitment to our partners as it responds directly to customer need in terms of product quality, availability, and sustainability.”

The new state-of-the-art technology was designed, engineered, automated, installed, and commissioned by leading machinery manufacturers within the building materials industry, Finishing Design Services. Commenting on the company’s involvement in the two-year project, Matthew Hudson, Director at Finishing Design Systems, said,

“We have a longstanding relationship with Mannok, which spans over 20 years and is built on trust. Having manufactured several production technologies for the PIR Insulation manufacturer, Mannok is confident in our technologies which produce high quality products with maximum efficiency.

We work closely with our clients to produce innovative and robust technologies to enhance products and processes and meet the needs of their customers, which is what we have done in the development of this new thermal laminate board production technology for Mannok.”

Mannok manufactures PIR Laminate Plasterboards in two ranges: Mannok Therm Laminate-Foil and Mannok Therm Laminate-Kraft.

Mannok Therm Laminate-Foil / MLF PIR insulation is a high performing, fibre free insulated board suitable for dry-lining walls. It has a low emissivity composite foil facing on the inner side and plasterboard on the outer side. The low emissivity foil facing increases the thermal resistance of an unvented cavity adjacent to the board, improving the overall thermal performance of the element. It also minimises the board thickness required to achieve the designed U-value.

Mannok Therm Laminate-Kraft / MLK PIR insulation is ideally suited for use under rafters to reduce the overall heat loss through the roof and eliminate thermal bridging through rafters. With its paper facer, Mannok Therm Laminate-Kraft / MLK is also suitable for use in dry-lining applications, fixed in place using dot-and-dab adhesive or mechanical fixings.

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