Mannok Set to Share its Sustainability Leadership and Net Zero Roadmap with the Construction Industry

12th August 2022

Mannok, one of the UK & Ireland’s most diverse and experienced manufacturers of premium construction products, recently launched its sustainability strategy, the Mannok 2030 Vision, which has provoked interest right across the construction sector. The company’s Sustainability Manager, Paul Monaghan, will deliver a one-hour webinar at 11:00am on 30th August to provide everyone with an insight into Mannok’s ambitious decarbonisation plans.

The webinar, entitled, the Decarbonisation Challenge: Mannok’s Net Zero Roadmap, will be broadcast on Construction Buzz, a well-known digital platform for leaders and innovators to inspire and share important information with the construction industry. It is free to attend, and everyone can register HERE.

During the presentation, Paul Monaghan will provide a high-level overview of Mannok’s long-term sustainability strategy with a strong emphasis on how the business will decarbonise its operations and activities over the next decade and beyond to help achieve net zero by 2050.

Commenting on Mannok’s decarbonisation challenge, Paul Monaghan said,

“The very nature of cement production is a carbon intensive process, which categorises it as “hard to abate” emissions. Decarbonisation is the number one challenge for us, but it is essential to the long-term sustainability of the business. 

To tackle our emissions and reduce them, we have identified nine key initiatives, which include a range of solutions in areas such as alternative fuels, alternative raw materials, green renewables, carbon capture and alternative waste materials in our downstream products.

I look forward to the Construction Buzz Webinar and sharing more details on these key initiatives.”

As well as decarbonisation, the strategy is centered around three pillars of People, Planet and Partners. Mannok views each pillar as a key to the long-term success of the organisation and ensuring it continues to contribute to the economic, social and environmental prosperity of the Fermanagh Cavan region. Download and read the Mannok 2030 Vision