Mannok Support Local Innovating Communities Initiative as Financial Partner

10th March 2021

A million euro major training initiative, Innovating Communities, has been launched in the border region, encompassing counties Cavan, Leitrim, Louth, Donegal, Monaghan and Sligo. Mannok have been announced as financial partners for the delivery of the Cavan Programme, and will also provide support services to contribute to the success of the initiative in the local region.

The Innovating Communities Programme aims to enhance innovation and creativity among Cavan communities and it is set to bring exciting benefits to local towns and villages. The project will deliver innovative and creative training modules to 900 people locally that will meet current challenges while building capabilities to cope with future opportunities, by adopting new techniques and increasing problem-solving capability and confidence. The virtual Programme launch took place on 1st March, with Helen O’Reilly Chairperson of Cavan County Local Development officially opening the Programme.

Mannok’s commitment to the project and the importance of innovation to the company and to the local region were highlighted at the virtual launch event. Mannok is rooted in the local Cavan Fermanagh community, with 15 facilities employing around 830 people in the area. The organisation’s investment in the Innovating Communities Programme forms part of their wider sustainability commitment, which includes important emphasis on both the local community, people and innovation. Mannok CFO, Dara O’Reilly, outlined how their partnership with the project very much aligns with the organisation’s values, saying,

“We’re absolutely delighted to be involved with this initiative and it fits very well with our ethos as a company. Innovation runs right through every area of our business; it is all about solving challenges efficiently, and as a commercial business we strive to do that in all aspects of our operations. Innovation is also very much rooted in collaboration. This project will give people the opportunity to work together, taking on challenges as a community in the same way as a commercial business, where collaboration is key to finding and delivering the most efficient solution.

The outcomes from this Programme will help to keep life in the area and lead to further, continuous innovation. For us, it’s very important that the community locally, both in the Cavan region and the island of Ireland, flourishes, and that’s something we’re very focused on. The people in this region have fantastic vision and ability and there’s no doubt that if that’s harnessed, we can achieve whatever we want as a community.

We’re delighted to be able to lend our support to this initiative and put our shoulder to the wheel to help in any way we can and we wish those involved the very best of luck with it.”

Terry Hyland, CEO of Cavan County Local Development, outlined how Innovating Communities will benefit the region and welcomed Mannok’s participation in and contribution to the Programme, saying,

“Innovating Communities will develop the capacity of communities so they can have the tools to come up with ideas and concepts, to identify opportunities and to tackle issues which they face on a daily basis. Local people, no matter what their background is, can come together and develop sustainable solutions so that their localities can be more vibrant and more prosperous into the future.

We’re delighted to have Mannok on board with us – an organisation that is local to the border region and employs people locally, but has a global outlook in terms of how it operates.

Mannok not only brings a financial contribution towards the delivery and implementation of this Programme. They also bring with them the credibility of a large, local organisation that employs local people and invests heavily in its local community. Mannok will bring with them expertise, support, advice, guidance and mentoring when it’s needed, so what Mannok are bringing is a whole suite of supports to this initiative which will only help to make it more successful.”

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