Mannok Sustainably Mixed Loads Reducing Carbon Emissions

18th May 2023

Mannok, one of the UK and Ireland’s most diverse and experienced manufacturers of construction products, has a unique mixed load delivery solution making the delivery of its products more sustainable. Mannok Sustainably Mixed Loads combine heavy and light products in one single delivery, maximising the trailer capacity and significantly reducing the volume of lorries on the road. As well as being highly convenient for customers, as they receive a range of products in one delivery, the mixed load solution has reduced associated carbon emissions by almost 50%.

As Mannok manufactures a broad portfolio of building products for the UK and Irish markets, the company is able to offer a unique mixed load delivery solution for its customers. This delivery solution enables its customers, in one single drop to receive a mix of heavier products such as cement, thermal blocks or roof tiles, which are topped off with lighter products, such as PIR and EPS insulation.

With weight restrictions limiting the volume of heavier products permitted on lorries, there are often lorries transporting deliveries with empty space in the trailer. Mannok ensures no space is wasted by carrying full loads with a mix of building products. This cuts the number of vehicles required on the road, thus reducing the environmental impact, and is significantly more economical and efficient.

Speaking of Mannok’s mixed load delivery method, Rose Mullally, the company’s Business Support Manager said,

“There aren’t many companies who can offer the same versatility as Mannok, as they don’t have the same multi-product portfolio. The solution is very popular with our customers, who are seeking to partner with companies who can demonstrate a real commitment to sustainability, as well as offering them greater flexibility.

We’ve found that the industry is focusing on these priorities even more in recent years. Yes, people want to know you have high quality products that are fully accredited and you can offer value for money, but this needs to be backed-up by a unique service offering and a proven record of responsible operations. That’s what we’re committed to delivering.”

The company has a range of other sustainability initiatives in place and plans to do more as published in its Mannok 2030 Vision, a roadmap to escalate its sustainability drive for the rest of the decade and position the company to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

To avail of Mannok Sustainably Mixed Loads, the company encourages customers to place product orders at the same time and its Despatch Team will mix the load with heavy and light building products to ensure an efficient and sustainable one drop delivery.