New BOMAG 120 Roller for Quinn Tarmac

5th October 2015

The beginning of a major rolling plant and equipment reinvestment programme due in the coming months commenced with the arrival of a new BOMAG 120 for Quinn Tarmac.

The light and flexible high-utilisation rollers with compaction control are suitable for both medium and small scale construction projects including public sector works for rolling joints in road construction, car parks, pavement and sports grounds as well as easy maneuvering in small and confined private sector construction projects in private dwellings and houses etc.

The team leading the business, headed up by Managing Director Liam McCaffrey, are still in the initial throes of making various financial adjustments and investments which facilitate further expansion for Quinn Industrial Holdings Limited (QIHL).  Liam said: “Since we acquired the business it has performed strongly, and QIHL is well placed to further invest in our infrastructure and asset base in the years ahead.”