New Look Mannok Cement Bags Revealed

10th November 2020

With the imminent rebranding from Quinn to Mannok, the company are giving customers a preview of their new look cement bags carrying the new Mannok name.

The new packaging features the distinctive Mannok M prominently on the front of the bags, with the logo along the side to ensure easy identification when the bags are stacked on pallets.

One of the most striking features is the choice of colours, with each bag prominently designed in one of Mannok’s brand colours. The distinctive Mannok teal and green are sure to stand out in any Merchants store or yard, and will help to establish familiarity with the strong Mannok branding.

Mannok Master Grade Cement

Master Grade Cement

The most popular product in the cement range, the Master Grade packaging is coloured in the primary brand colour, the Mannok teal, which replaces the familiar blue bag used for Quinn Master Grade.

Master Grade has become a strong favourite among builders and tradesmen, thanks to the quality of mix from this product. The cohesive mix results in a smoother texture, providing excellent workability, which makes this cement easy to handle and finish, with uniform results. Master Grade Cement is the best choice for mortars and plastering, thanks to its unique properties, but can also be used in a variety of general building applications, such as concrete and screeds.

The air-entrained mix of Master Grade Cement provides frost protection, which combined with the plastic weatherproof packaging available, ensures the cement is protected against the elements.

Mannok Premium Grade Cement

Premium Grade Cement

A strong cement calls for a strong colour, so Mannok’s Premium Grade cement bags will be the vibrant Mannok green, replacing the darker green of the original Premium Grade bag.

The strongest in the company’s bagged cement range, Premium Grade Cement boasts 42,5N strength for exceptional performance. For jobs which require higher strength cement, such as screeds, concrete, plastering and mortar, this Premium Grade product is ideal. Premium Grade is a favourite with floor screeders in particular, who have been impressed by the smooth, uniform finish and drying performance of this high-performance bagged cement.

Mannok General Purpose Cement

General Purpose Cement

For the new General Purpose cement packaging, the company are sticking with the familiar white and grey colour scheme, which also forms part of the new Mannok brand colour palette. General Purpose cement is a versatile cement product, suitable for use in any building application, including concrete, mortar, plastering and screeding.


The new cement bags will be in production in Q1 2021 in both paper and weatherproof plastic bags. Merchant customers can still continue to sell all remaining stock of Quinn cement while the newly branded bags are rolled out.

Design work is also ongoing to rebrand the company’s insulation panels, roof tiles and aircrete blocks packaging wrap, all of which will also be in production in Q1 2021.

Mannok Premium Grade Cement Pallet