New Quinn Cement Range Announced at NBG Visit to Quinn Facilities

8th February 2018

Representatives of one of the UK’s largest merchants’ buying groups, National Buying Group (NBG), recently visited Quinn Building Products’ facilities in Fermanagh and Cavan.

Quinn Building Products presented plans to launch three new bagged cement products in the coming weeks. The new line will include General Purpose Cement, Master Grade Cement, and Premium Grade Cement. The range has been tailored to cater for individual applications, with each product boasting properties suited to different purposes, which will appeal to a wider variety of tradesmen.

The expansion of Quinn Cement’s bagged products range will also include new weatherproof packaging option for all bagged cement products, so UK merchants will have a more extensive range to offer their customers.

Lee Gillman, Quinn Building Products’ GB Sales and Marketing Director spoke of how the new product range will appeal to UK merchants saying,

“It is important for us as a business to be able to react to the changing customer needs, and to ensure UK merchants have the right products to offer their customers. We’re delighted to host members of the NBG, and to unveil our plans for an extended bagged cement range to them. The news has been very well received here, and we expect the new line to perform very well this year with the support of the NBG.”

The Group enjoyed tours of some of Quinn Building Products’ facilities following their South West Regional meeting, which was hosted in the Quinn Innovation Academy. The tours included the Quinn Therm and Quinn Cement plants, where they saw the new Quinn Cement bagging line, which will be key in delivering the new product range.



Speaking of the Group’s visit, NBG’s Managing Director, Nick Oates, said,

“We’ve been very impressed by the scale of operations here at Quinn Building Products, and are looking forward to working closely with them this year with the launch of their new cement range.

We’ve had the opportunity to speak directly with senior representatives from many areas of the business, those who will be directly responsible for fulfilling our members’ demands. The Quinn team are renowned for their quality service, and this has certainly been reflected in the professionalism and hospitality we’ve enjoyed on our visit.”

Find your local Quinn Cement Sales Representative or view the new bagged cement products here: