Precast Balconies and Terraces

Precast Balconies and Terraces

Mannok precast concrete balconies and terraces are expertly designed to individual requirements and manufactured inhouse within factory controlled quality standards.


Our experienced installation teams can ensure balconies and terraces are erected safely and securely with a high quality finish. The high-speed installation requires minimal site labour and saves on overall construction time. Balconies can be erected with floor units prior to pouring of screed.

Combatting cold bridging

By incorporating a thermal break system as part of the balcony, the units offer an effective countermeasure against cold bridging, preventing heat and energy loss, damp, mould growth and structural damage. The system not only thermally separates components from one another but also acts as a structural component, whilst still offering flexibility and extensive scope for design.

Thermal bridges on cantilevered parts of a building are frequently the cause of increased heat loss, damp walls and mould formation. A load bearing thermal break element will minimise thermal bridges at the highest level, preventing structural damage while still offering planners enormous scope for design.

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