Quinn Precast Stairs & Landings

Precast Stairs & Landings

Mannok specialise in bespoke precast concrete stairs and landings, with an experienced team and technically advance manufacturing facilities.

Our precast stairs and landings are machine cast using high quality raw materials from other Mannok divisions. The precast design and manufacturing facility can cater for a large variety of staircase configurations as all orders are made on custom built moulds to client requirements

The use of precast stairs and landings has many advantages over traditional construction methods, offering immediate access to floor platforms, speedy installation, with a reduction in on-site labour needed.

With project specific configurations available, Mannok precast stairs and landings can greatly reduce construction times, require less on-site labour for installation and provide immediate safe access to floor platforms.

Precast stairs offer rigidity of construction and are free from movement, thus eliminating the possibility of ‘creaks’.

Having the stairs and landings precast means delivery to site and installation is unaffected by weather and other common on-site difficulties.

Typical range:

  • Riser: 150 mm – 220 mm.
  • Going: 220 mm – 300 mm.
  • Waist: 150 mm – 250 mm. (Depends on span and design load)
  • Width: 900 mm – 2000 mm.
  • Landing Units cast to suit layout of stairs
All stair flights and precast landings are designed and manufactured to the relevant sections of EN 14843.
Design loads are to clients specifications with a 1 hour minimum fire resistance.
Each stair flight has 4 No lifting Pins cast into top of steps during manufacture (These will be required to be made good on site by main contractor after erection)
Mannok’s precast concrete Stairs and Landing units are manufactured using only the highest quality material which ensures the soffit, risers and sides have a Type A finish as defined in BS 8110 Part 1 section
Performance & Properties
Precast stairs are incombustible giving a minimum of 1 hour fire resistance thereby enhancing the fire resistance of the building and at the same time maintaining means of escape in the event of fire.
Domestic Builds
Commercial Builds
For more information call: 08000 322 122 (UK&NI) 1800 322 122 (ROI)