Quinn Announce Educational Partnership with Athlone IT and IT Sligo to Deliver Highly Skilled Degree Qualification

19th April 2018

Quinn Industrial Holdings has partnered with Ibec, Athlone IT and IT Sligo to offer students the opportunity to earn a highly skilled degree qualification in Polymer Processing Technology. The course offers blended learning, which entails a combination of practical, industry-based learning, and College attendance to obtain the classroom-based theory aspects. The practical element of the course will be delivered through a Polymer Technology Apprenticeship in Quinn’s Therm and Packaging facilities in Cavan.
The three-year Programme will lead to a Bachelor of Science in Polymer Processing Technology on completion. Quinn’s Apprenticeship will provide students with access to industry leading technology and expertise in the field of plastics and polymers, with the prospect of a structured career progression path and exceptional opportunities in this highly specialised discipline.
The new Apprenticeship Programme has been developed by Plastics Ireland (a business association within Ibec) in conjunction with Athlone IT and IT Sligo along with representatives from the plastics industry. The involvement of industry in the development of the Programme further ensures the relevance of course content to the needs of employers in the field.
During their Apprenticeship, students will be mentored by one of Quinn’s expert Polymer Engineers in state of the art, high-tech production facilities.
Speaking of the partnership and the Apprenticeship opportunity, Caroline McCaffrey, HR Manager with Quinn Industrial Holdings, said,
“We’re delighted to partner with these Technical Institutes to offer a course in this highly skilled and specialised area. We have existing partnerships with a number of other educational bodies, including schools, colleges and universities, and this new collaboration will further enhance our ongoing educational and training programmes.
As one of the region’s largest employers, we are very committed to ensuring skills development in the STEM disciplines in particular, and we extend this skills development to the offer of exceptional career opportunities in this area.”
The course will allow students to gain invaluable industry experience, gaining much sought-after skills. They will be responsible for the efficient set up and operation of polymer processing lines in fields of injection moulding, blow moulding or extrusion for the production of plastic components relevant to industry standards. Course modules include Maths and Engineering Science, Workshop and Metrology, ICT, Automation and Control, CAD, Mould Design and Polymer processing.