Quinn Building Products Launch New BIM Object Assemblies and Systems



Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been positive for the construction industry. Improved productivity, collaboration and communication has ultimately led to better outcomes and built assets for the client. It is also helping the industry move away from an era of needless waste to an industry now focussed on lean and efficient processes through the application of BIM.

The UK Construction Industrial Strategy has set out its commitment to lowering CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025, and the UK government believes that BIM can be a valuable contributor to meeting this target.

To assist architects, designers and specifiers in designing our future built environment, at Quinn Building Products we have developed BIM Object Assemblies and Systems, which simplify the selection process, making our product data widely available in a range of digital formats.

BIM Objects

BIM Objects are the digital building blocks at the heart of a digital model and can take the form of ‘out of the box generic objects’ with low level of detail, which are developed through the design process, to construction, handover, and operational stages. BIM objects can be broadly classified as ‘component objects’, such as a window or door with fixed geometrical shapes or size, or ‘layered objects’, such as walls insulation, roofs and ceilings with no fixed geometrical shapes or size.

Quinn Building Products BIM Object Assembly and System ranges are digital representations of our Quinn Building Products range that contain both graphical and non-graphical information in a structured format native to the authoring application. Our objects contain the necessary functional and performance product data to facilitate the architect interrogate and analyse their design to achieve optimal results.

Just as our building products are available in a wide range of configurations, so too are our BIM Object ranges thereby simplifying the product selection process. Our BIM Object Assembly and System range comprise our products in various construction build-ups based on U-value calculations, Y-value calculations or bespoke customer construction. We ensure that the product data contained within our BIM Objects is accurate so that they can be utilised for a range of tasks such as cost estimating or rapid digital analysis. All Quinn Building Products objects are COBie compliant, an essential requirement for as-built data at handover stage.

BIM Object Assembly

Multiple BIM objects are combined to form our unique BIM Object Assembly range, providing a diverse array of permutations and technical options. Our multi-layer BIM objects can include up to five of our products in one BIM Object Assembly download. For example a BIM Object Assembly can comprise; brickwork, cavity, insulation, blockwork and render, all containing their corresponding real Quinn Building Products data and validated U-value calculation thereby allowing the architect to design in BIM to a performance specification. We can offer BIM Object Assemblies in accordance with their respective U-values for roofs, walls and floors.

BIM Object System

Our BIM Object System range is modelled on the accredited construction details prepared for the Aircrete Products Association and approved by the British Board of Agrément Limited (BBA) and Robust Details Limited (RDL) and also the Accredited Construction details for Part L. With their respective Y-value calculations they allow the architect design in BIM to an even greater performance specification. All BIM Object Systems are available with associated U and Psi values specific to that particular junction, and each system is accompanied with a 2D construction detail drawn in the native authoring application.

Our unique range of BIM Object Systems of floor-wall and wall-roof junctions can include up to ten products from the Quinn Building Products range in one BIM Object System download. Each BIM Object System details a key junction in the building envelope and includes a combination of our optimal performance Quinn Therm PIR Insulation and our Quinn Lite Thermal blocks.

Further information

Our unique BIM Object ranges are available for free from leading BIM object libraries, including BIM Object, BIM Store and the NBS National BIM Library, in Autodesk Revit and IFC format. We are currently developing our BIM Object offerings in other BIM platforms such as Graphisoft Archicad, Nemetschek Vectorworks and Bentley AECOsim.