Quinn Master Grade and Premium Grade Cements: The Properties and Applications

15th March 2019

Following the introduction of our new bagged cement range, Regional Sales Manager Marty McGrath takes a look at our Master Grade and Premium Grade cement products in our latest video.

Quinn Cement Range

Our Premium Grade cement comes in a distinctive green bag, with our Master Grade available in our recognisable blue bag.

The range is available in 100% waterproof plastic bags, which makes storage on site much more convenient and provides flexibility in all weather conditions. The packaging eliminates the need to cover the cement when outside, creating space in site containers or storage units, giving greater flexibility with stock management and reducing waste, with the added reassurance that your cement is protected.

Quinn Cement Weatherproof Bags


In order to ease transportation and movement to and from site, we have also added a rough grip texture on the face of the bag to ensure non-slip on pallets and easier handling, and this plastic packaging also means less dust, giving you a cleaner, healthier working environment.

All Quinn Cements are Portland Composite blended cements, produced using a highly advance technical process to combine exact quantities of limestone, which helps improves the workability of the product providing uniform colour and texture throughout.

Premium Grade Cement

For jobs which require higher strength cement, such as floor screeds, concrete, plastering and mortar, our Premium Grade product is ideal.

The strongest in our bagged cement range, at 42.5N it provides an exceptional performance. This cement is ideal for floor screeds in particular with its smooth and uniform finish giving a strong durable performance.

quinn premium grade high strength cement

Master Grade Cement

The cohesive mix of our 32.5N Master Grade Cement provides a lovely smooth texture and enhanced workability, which makes this cement easy to handle and finish, with uniform results. Thanks to its unique properties, this cement can be used in a variety of general building applications, such as concrete and screeds, but it’s a particular favourite among plasterers and builders.

Master Grade’s air-entrained mix provides improved frost protection properties, which combined with the plastic weatherproof packaging, ensures your cement has the greatest protection against the elements. When used with harsher aggregates the additive helps combat the rougher texture and smooths out the consistency of the mix.

Quinn Master Grade Cement

Responsible Cement Manufacturing

With the sourcing of 95% of our raw materials locally, the use of almost 50% alternative fuels in the manufacturing process and our ability to provide mixed load product deliveries from our portfolio, we reduce our carbon footprint and offer flexibility and value for money.


So, we have cement product range that will suit all needs and climates. To talk to us on our extended cement range or avail of mixed load opportunities, please get in touch with our sales team.