Quinn statement in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

18th March 2020

The current situation regarding COVID-19 has led to much uncertainty and growing concern, and like many other businesses across the UK and Ireland, we are making changes in our business to introduce protective measures.

We’d like to reassure our staff, our customers, partners and suppliers that your safety is paramount and the changes we’ve made are to offer you increased protection while ensuring continued service in these uncertain times.

We are taking full guidance from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) ROI and the Department of Health for NI and GB on the appropriate procedures and controls relating to the virus and will continue to do so.

To minimise contact, we have suspended visits to Merchants’ branches and sites and our sales and technical teams will now be in contact by telephone or email for all enquiries and orders, which can be placed as normal.

Where possible, our staff will now work from home and we have introduced measures to facilitate this. This will enable you to place orders, check on your delivery, make or receive payments, etc. as normal.

Movement of employees across our sites will be minimised and non-essential travel suspended, with meetings to be conducted online or by telephone where possible.

Social distancing measures are in operation across all of our facilities and we have introduced a number of additional stringent hygiene and sanitisation protocols in our workplaces.

Currently, all of our facilities are operating as normal, but we are also putting contingency plans in place should we need to reduce operations to protect our employees and our communities.

We understand that many of our customers and suppliers will face challenges and will need to make changes to their own operations. We will continue to support you and we will work with you to ensure continuity of all our businesses wherever possible.

Clearly, this is an everchanging situation and we will continue to advise and update you on any further developments as time passes.

Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation closely and are ready to implement further procedures and controls as appropriate based on advice from respective Government agencies.

In conclusion, I would like to offer you and your families all our well wishes in the weeks and months ahead through a time that will bring challenges we’ve never seen before and thank you for your co-operation, patience and support at this difficult time.

Liam McCaffrey