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Build with SIMS

SIMS by Mannok is a unique offering which ultimately delivers an end product which is a step above the major alternatives on the Irish market in terms of thermal, structural and fire performance.

SIMS (SUPER INSULATED MASONRY SOLUTION) is a modern method of masonry construction combining the benefits of Mannok aircrete blocks with a certified external insulation system. This is tried and tested construction methodology, which is well established as best practise in many European countries and beyond. Its adoption is on the rise in Ireland thanks to the many advantages it offers, and it’s positioned to become one of the most widely used construction solutions here.

How SIMS compares

Faster, Stronger, Better
Speed of Construction Rapid Rapid Slow
Thermal performance Excellent Good Fair
Structural Performance Excellent Fair Good
Fire Performance 4 hrs 30 mins 2 hrs
Cost of Build Best value Most expensive Least expensive
Build for Living, Build for Performance, Build for the Future

Build for Life

Excellent Thermal Performance

The combination of Mannok’s aircrete thermal blocks and an external insulation system minimises heat loss directly through the wall and at junctions.

Rapid Build

Single leaf construction means only half the amount of blocks versus cavity walls, giving significant time saving on site.

Cost Effective

Saves up to 20% on construction costs versus timber frame.

Superior Fire Performance

Up to 4 hours fire resistance easily achievable.

Enhanced Airtightness

Significantly improved airtightness of the wall construction when built with thin joint mortar (optional).

Zero Condensation Risk

Interstitial and surface condensation completely eliminated.

SIMS for Developers and Contractors

SIMS by Mannok has become a must-consider option for Irish Developers and Contractors, who are facing growing pressure to provide more housing, better, faster, cheaper. This is a construction solution which ticks all the boxes, a rapid build, modern method of construction that provides superior thermal and structural performance and comes in around 20% cheaper than timber frame.

Developers and Contractors can also benefit from our full Supply and Fit Package with our Premium Technical by Mannok Package included.

SIMS for self-build

SIMS is the perfect construction method for home builders to create the most comfortable, sustainable home in the quickest time, and offers the best value for money. The combination of high performance elements used in the construction ensures a SIMS home is built for living.

Self-Builders can also benefit from our unique Self Build with Mannok Package offering, which includes product discounts, expert technical support and a uniquely tailored package to suit your design.

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