A Sustainable Approach to Manufacturing Delivered by Quinn Building Products

13th September 2017

Manufacturing a uniquely broad portfolio of building products for the UK and Irish markets has enabled us at Quinn Building Products to offer a distinct advantage to our customers and merchants, and one which effectively reduces our carbon footprint. This solution is our blended logistics, which enables us to ensure our fleet of Quinn lorries on the road are carrying full loads of products.

It’s common to have lorries transporting partial loads of goods due to demand and weight restrictions. The problem with this is clear. Apart from the increased transport costs involved, it means more trips are required to transport the same volume of products.

What differs for us at Quinn Building Products is our broad product portfolio, including a mix of heavier products such as cement and concrete blocks, and lighter products, such as PIR and EPS insulation. With weight restrictions limiting the volume of heavier products permitted on lorries, we can ensure no space is wasted by carrying mixed loads. This cuts the number of vehicles required on the road, thus reducing the environmental impact, and is significantly more economical and efficient.

For our customers, this smart solution also ensures flexibility and speed of delivery as we can deliver multiple products in one load.

Speaking of our blended logistics, and how this fits with our commitment to sustainable manufacturing, Rose Mullally, our Business Support Manager, said:

“There aren’t many companies who can offer the same versatility, as they don’t have the same multi-product portfolio. The scheme has been very well received by our customers, who are seeking to partner with companies who can demonstrate a real commitment to sustainability, as well as offering them greater flexibility.

We’re dispatching over 70 load of product to the UK and Ireland daily, so there’s a significant reduction in the volume of lorries on the road due to our mixed load capabilities.

We’ve found that the industry is focusing on these priorities even more in recent years. Yes, people want to know you have high quality products that are fully accredited and you can offer value for money, but this needs to backed-up by a unique service offering and a proven record of responsible operations. That’s what we’re committed to delivering.”

And this commitment is reflected in our overall Sustainable Manufacturing Programme. The Programme ensures every area of our business adopts sustainable practices, policies and procedures as a fundamental part of its operations.

This includes combatting waste and environmental impact, promoting efficient energy management, a commitment to responsible sourcing, and protecting the local eco-system in the areas where we operate.

The successful implementation of the Programme is reflected in our significant waste reduction, with ongoing research and development to find further innovative solutions to waste management. Improved energy management has also seen Quinn Cement recently joining a “select few” companies in achieving ISO:50001 Energy Management Certification. It’s the latest in a long line of certifications and accreditations for us at Quinn’s, and one which highlights the positive impact of our Sustainable Manufacturing Programme.