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Mannok Invests over €700k in New Thermal Laminate Plasterboard Manufacturing Technology: Increasing Productivity and Improving Product Quality While Reducing Environmental Impact

Mannok, a leading building products manufacturer, has invested over seven hundred thousand euros in cutting-edge technology for its PIR Insulation facility in Ireland. The new technology, which has increased production capacity and significantly improved energy efficiency, has major environmental...

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Quinn’s Fleet Replenishment Programme: Latest New Arrivals

As part of Quinn Building Products’ Fleet and Mobile Plant Replenishment Programme, Q1 2020 saw the arrival of a number of new additions to the fleet. The company took delivery of five new Feldbinder triaxle cement tankers this year for use in Quinn Cement. In operation since January, the new tankers...

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Energy Efficiency Improvements in Quinn Lite Plant

Quinn Lite have introduced a number of measures to reduce energy usage and waste in the manufacturing process of the aircrete blocks. The company reviewed their manufacturing process in a bid to determine where improvements could be made to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximise efficiencies....

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